When You’re Away, Let Others Play! Make a Profitable Investment in Echota with Foscoe Rentals

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    Pete and Pat Floyd of Rock Hill, S.C., have been spending downtime in the High Country for years, purchasing a two-bedroom unit at Echota four years ago. When Chalakee opened, they purchased a one-bedroom unit with views of Grandfather Mountain and have been leasing both properties to vacationers through Foscoe Rentals.

    “The rental program has been so successful that occasionally when we just want to pop up there for the weekend, both our units are booked,” says Pat. She and Pete try to visit the High Country at least once a month.

    Pete says eventually he and his wife will have the Chalakee unit exclusively for their own use, but for now, “renting it out is a way to recoup some of the expense of ownership.”

    Pete adds that rental traffic has been escalating year after year, and he attributes a lot of that increased business to Foscoe Rentals. “They’re on the property, and they do a great job.”

    Foscoe Rentals’ manager Heather Lyons confirms the Floyds’ view, noting that vacation rental traffic has been building year after year. Currently, she has 140 short-term rentals and 20 long-term rentals in the program.

    “The one bedrooms are doing great,” Lyons says, “and we don’t have a whole lot of them, only at Chalakee.” She says couples visiting the High Country for romantic getaways don’t need all the extra space and appreciate the one-bedroom units with their gorgeous Grandfather Mountain and Valle Crucis views and built-in grills on the decks.

    Lyons says a lot of Echota owners opt to rent through Foscoe because the company is right there on site and offers vacationers 24/7 online booking as well as 24/7 maintenance.

    To search for available rentals at Echota, check out www.FoscoeRentals.com.  

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