Marketing Your Echota Home

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    It you’re looking to sell your Echota property, news is good these days. Foscoe Realty’s Resale Director Leigh Hamilton says resales are gradually rising. She saw 31 Echota resales last year and expects the numbers to keep growing.

    “The advantage of marketing your home with us is that our location is right here on site,” she says. “We get the walk-in traffic.” That means vacationers who find Echota on a whim can drive in and see a condo or single-family home right then and there.

    “We also have a solid marketing budget,” Leigh adds. “We’re the only group with billboards directing traffic here, and all of our investment is in marketing Echota, no one else.”

    Leigh says another reason Foscoe Realty is so successful is because we understand the current market and pricing strategy. “We really focus on marketable prices,” she explains. Foscoe also understands timing – when good seasons are for selling.

    The proof is in the pudding, so to speak. Echota has consistently low inventory because prospective buyers are attracted to the health of the community. Well-established with debt-free amenities, ongoing new construction at Chalakee, a variety of floorplans, and over 500 happy owners, Echota is consistently first choice among High Country vacation homeowners. So when you’re in the market to sell and upgrade to something new, consider the agency that’s right at your backdoor!

    For more information on listing your property with Foscoe Realty, call Leigh at 800-333-7601.

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