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    “For the Wealthy, a Return to Luxury Spending”
      USA Today, February 21, 2011, Gary Strauss.
     “Wealthy American seem to have decided that it’s OK to splurge again – a hopeful sign for an economy mired by slow growth, stubbornly high unemployment and depressed home prices.”
    USA Today Full Length Article

    “The Upside To a Bummer of a Market”  MONEY Magazine, December 2010, Craig Matters.
     “If you’re thinking about buying a first or second home, today’s superlow mortgage rates make this a good time to strike.”
    Money Magazine Full Length Article

    “Clark Howard’s – Time to Buy a Second Home” CNN, January 20, 2011
     “Move Now! Throughout the housing bust I talked about how the absolute best bargains in the market place were second homes, vacation homes: lake, resort, mountain, beach  - anything like that, are unbelievable steals. Now the WSJ reports, people are buying,  the sales of second homes are up about 40% from where it was just a year ago.”
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    “Is It Time to Buy?”  The Wall Street Journal – Weekend Investor, February 26-27, 2011, M.P. McQueen.
     “The Relationship Between the National Housing Market and Local Markets is Breaking Down – and Opportunities Are Cropping Up for Well-Heeled Buyers.”
    Wall Street Journal Full Length Article

    “5 Things You Need To Know About…Buying a Vacation Home”  MONEY Magazine , March 2011, Sarah Max.
     “#1. Now Is A Good Time to Pounce – Most economists believe the biggest declines are behind us.”
    Money Magazine Full Length Article

    “If Your Goal Is to Buy Low, Buy Now!” National Real Estate Blog – KCM, March 1, 201
     “If you want to buy low, buy now. It appears COST has hit its lowest point.”
    Full Length Blog Post

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